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Our mission with Clan Wars and the South African PlayStation community is to provide new and veteran players a like, a structured competitive environment. Battlefield Clan Wars is currently the largest competitive league in Africa with 600+ players and more than 48 Teams participating per season on Battlefield. This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors. We have recently taken on Call of Duty and will be supporting Modern Warfare from Q4 2019.


Jaco Sauer AKA jacosauer (LOL) has been gaming for many years, also first on PC and then later switching to console – exploring Xbox first and later moving on to include PlayStation to the arsenal of platforms. Jaco is one of the original founding members of Battlebros who later inspired Clan Wars.

Jaco enjoys sharing information and frequently assist Streamers and Casters (being one himself) promoting skill and talent on this platform for South African gamers.

Besides the leadership role, Jaco is of course actively involved in ClanWars, both organizing and planning. For ClanWars specifically Jaco produces the weekly RECAP show that focuses on the outcomes and results of matches during a ClanWars season.

Recently, at ComiCon Africa 2018, Jaco was a producer. Producing streams and content during the Battlefield 4 VS Gaming Championships 2018 held at ComiCon in Kyalami South Africa. Even more recently in 2019 Jaco has been named an official BFV DICE friend, making him the second person in Africa to recieve this title.

Community Manager ALL Leagues and Facebook & Discord

Sheree Buchholz
(Endseeker707 @Shezie_b)

Endseeker707 has been gaming for the better part of 12 years, moving from PC to Xbox 360 to Playstation 4.

For the last 4 years, she has been focused on the competitive community in Battlefield. Seeker started her casting career in an international Battlefield league 4 years ago, and has since chosen to focus her attention on the local South African gaming community, casting matches, doing gameplay streams, creating content and writing reviews.

Seeker was honoured to be given the role of DICE friend in Battlefield and then really humbled to be chosen by EA Games to represent them as an EA Game Changer – both titles a first for anyone in South Africa. She has been fortunate to able to add casting live at the rAge expo 2017 and the inaugural Comic Con Africa 2018 for Battlefield on behalf of VS Gaming.

Endseeker is a strong advocate of local gaming and plans to promote cohesion within the community. Seeker heads up the local community Battlefield page, overseeing the moderators and is also involved as admin in many international Battlefield and general gaming Facebook pages and discord servers and is a promoter of females in gaming world-wide.


Call of Duty & Battlefield League Master and Moderator Facebook & Discord

Lisa Wilson

I started gaming back in 2016, starting with Battlefield 4. I discovered Tanking and loved it. I Spent many years watching my boyfriend game and got tips and tricks from him and gave it a go when we got a second PS4. I have made many friends in gaming since then.

My 1st full game experience has been with battlefield 1, I started at release. I then joined DPS in 2017 and moved over to RoyL  in October 2018. I worked my way up and am now an admin for the team.

Not long after joining DPS I formed an all-women’s clan called ‘Gun Slinger Girls’ we love to show the boys what we can do, take part in streams, competitions and have loads of fun together as we build and grow our platoon. Looking forward to BFV, See you on the Battlefield.

COD League Master and Moderator Facebook

Dylan Van den Berg

I’ve been gaming for the most part of life. I absolutely love gaming and to me its sort of my relaxing hobby. I started gaming from a very young age and started on a PS2 moving over to PSP, then XBOX 360 and now the PS4. Unfortantly I only discovered online gaming about a 3 years ago starting with BF1 but moved to COD completely.

I’ve played every COD there was except Black Ops 4 because i decided to move back to BF and bought BFV. Since then I’ve met amazing people in the BF community and I’ve been a part of 2 amazing BF clans in the community, 4QM8 and EVL.

Looking forward to being apart of the COD MW community and what it has to offer for us.

Battlefield League Master and Moderator Facebook & Discord

Roxane Holmes

More recently known as ‘Mamma bro’
I started online gaming in Nov 2017, a late bloomer I guess but most nights if i’m not battling bedtime routine with my 2 girls i’m on the battlefield making friends with the wonderful battlefield community.
One of my many goals is to grow GunSlingerGirls (GSG) an all ladies platoon aimed at allowing ladies to join together and show the gents that we can be a formidable force too.

My Strong admin skills made it possible to be asked to co lead at Rawnationza, I was then approached by the BattleBros to help prep and assist in Season 3, this was a great challenge and success in my opinion.

I am now the proud general of Predators, the new kids on the block. Looking to make our name known in BFV. We are eager to see what BFV has in store for us and we look forward to the challenge!

Content Creator and
Moderator Facebook

Victor Jardim

I grew up in a family that believed in, if you want something you must work for it.

My friends got the first playstation 1. I went to visit and I was hooked…
I had to get a job so I could fund my own one. I went and packed shelves and fridges for a few rands every month till I had enough.
So the journey carried on through till the playstation 3 where I stopped a while and focused on the car industry. Running a national car club. I swapped a vape for a ps4 after seeing my friend playing bf 1.

I got hooked once again. I played for snlv. Then 4QM8 and am currently with MSMK.

I recently got added to the Clan wars team and am very excited to add my input and share all my ideas to get the whole community involved in one way or another.

Facebook & Discord

Sheila Marinheiro

I have  been gaming for about 11 years know, never knew gaming existed until I started dating a gamer. Playstation is where it all started and where I have always remained. Battlefield 3, 4,1 is the game I have always played and grew to love.

Now being a wife & mom there is no better place for me to relax than in the gaming world. I absolutely love chatting to people and the perfect place for it is being part of this fast growing amaizing community. Not many female gamers at the time but I was welcomed into the community and felt right at home.

Being a part of the top clans i have learnt so much and continue to grow. Gaming for me is a world away from the real world and I love every minute of it.

Content Creator and
Moderator Facebook

Le Roux Claassen

I started playing games at a very young age. Form a gameboy at 7 to my first PS1 somewhere between 11 or 12. I was intoxicated by Crash Bandicoot,Fifa 98, Nightmare Creatures and Resident Evil.

I had a pc as well where I grew a love for strategy games. Age of empires, Command and Conquer, Red Alert and so forth. Saving money to build a better computer was a pleasure. Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament, Quake and BF 1942 was my first FPS games! Needless to say I was hooked!
PS2 came out and I worked hard to buy one! Got it! Life changing! Eventually made the jump to xbox where I fell in love with the Gears of War games. So PS4,BF1,hooked me.

Played for Owls,leading the Battlefield division. Then decided to start something new. Me and my friend started REX.
A crazy bunch of Brothers!

Blessed to be part of this team,looking forward to grow the community even more!

Moderator Facebook

Justin Brooks

So it all started for me when a friend introduced me ps1and I got hooked.i bought my first PS2 on its launch and never looked back.

Had my first taste on online gaming with Tom Clancy’s Vegas 2 and been gaming online since.

On my gaming journey I’ve met lots of incredible people and been in a few clans .just remember people gaming is ment to be fun.

League Stats Master

Gerhard Cronje

My Gaming career started basically at the age of 6. Got my first PS1 from my father for Christmas. First two games I played was Grand turismo and GTA, after moving over to PS2 I fell in love with sport games Tiger woods, EA sports Rugby 08 and of course the legendary NFS underground 2.

The next move was PS3 and went back to grand turismo 3 it’s only after moving on to the next gen console PS4 when I started playing actuall first person shooter games and joined my first clan UB (Untamed Beasts) and still playing as a beast for UB and BoB respectively and my most favorable so far Ghost recon, BFV, Apex and of course the best game ever in my opinion Call of Duty MW by far…

Absolutely amazing to be part of the BB team and is blessed to part of a gaming family and what we as a team can offer to the community.

Let’s keep the Stats coming and most importantly enjoy gaming, respect each other, and leave no one standing….


Moderator Facebook

Philip Buys

My first job straight out of school was as a Manager of a Playstation Shop. My job description…..play the games and get to know them so you can help prospective customers. This was around 1999. Since then I have been an avid gamer and has explored many different genre games.

Around 2008 I discovered Battlefield Bad Company and I haven’t looked back since then. I started playing competitively on Battlefield 3 but it wasn’t until Battlefield 4 that I founded my own clan and we started taking part in competitions in South Africa, Europe and the United States with various success.

I will say after 12 years of playing the Battlefield franchise, I understand the game on various levels and I am always keen to share this knowledge with the community and next generation of gamers.


Battlefield 2017 – 2018

Season 1 on Battlefield 1 (15 Jan – 23 March 2018)

  • Game Mode: Premier League 12 v 12 Conquest

  • Game Mode: T5 Domination

  • 33 Teams Participated

  • 459 Players Participated

Season 2 on Battlefield 1 (09 April – 22 June 2018)

  • Game Mode: Premier League 12 v 12 Rush

  • Game Mode: T5 Domination

  • 61 Teams Participated

  • 670 Players Participated

Season 3 on Battlefield 1 (16 July – 31 August)

  • Game Mode: Premier League 12 v 12 Conquest

  • Game Mode: T5 Domination

  • 50 Teams Participated

  • 620 Players Participated

Season 4 on Battlefield 5 (Jan – March 2020)

  • Game Mode: Premier League 8v8 Domination

  • 16 Teams Participated

  • 192 Players Participated


Call of Duty MW 2019

Season 1 ( Oct- Dec 2019)

    • Game Mode: Cyber Attack

    • 18 Teams Participated

    • 175 Players Participated

Call of Duty MW 2020

Season 2 ( Jan – March 2020)

    • Game Mode: Hard Point

    • 31 Teams Participated

    • 370 Players Participated