Yes, there’s a single player mode in Battlefield V too, and it’ll work in the same way as BF1’s War Stories. The first of these follows a female resistance fighter in Norway… and that’s really all we know. Other War Stories will follow World War 2 as it progresses and develops, so you’ll also be fighting in rural France, the city of Rotterdam, and the deserts of North Africa. Expect more to follow too.

War Stories will also accompany new Chapters in the Battlefield 5 live service – which is called Tides of War – so you can either expect to see new stories when we move into another Chapter in Tides of War, or at the very least, remixed objectives for existing stories. DICE won’t confirm it, but there’s a suspicion that some of the single player campaign will be tied to the live service, so we may not get to play certain War Stories until it’s time to do so in Tides of War