Welcome to Battlefield Clan Wars!

Early Days

Spawned from the need to be competitive on the BATTLEFIELD, where clans go head to head in various game modes such as Conquest, Frontlines and Domination to test skill and own bragging rights.  Starting off the first season on 15 January 2018 with great excitement from the South African gaming community where more than 30 PS4 clans consisting of 360+ players registered for this epic showdown. Teams are divided into 4 Divisions where they will compete in at least one match per week.


Our objective is to continue CLAN WARS beyond Battlefield 1 onto future Battlefield titles so stick around. We are planning at least three to four seasons for 2018 and another one or two in 2019 on Battlefield 1. Thereafter we will have a look at the potential of the next Battlefield title and customise the CLAN WAR concept accordingly.