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Founded by ScallyRebel in late 2016 and later joined by Jaco Sauer & Wouter du Toit, BattleBros was formed to promote South African Gamers to an International audience. As we evolved  a need for competitive gaming on battlefield was recognised. We set out to create Battlefield Clan Wars with the South African PlayStation community to provide new and veteran players a like, a structured competitive environment. Battlefield Clan Wars is currently the largest competitive league in Africa with 600+ players and more than 48 Teams participating per season on Battlefield. This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.

Bravo 1

Pieter Nel AKA ScallyRebel started playing games on PC with fan favorites such as Dune, Age of Empires, Command & Conquer to name a few. Experiencing Battlefield 2 for the first time was a game changer.

The overall experience to play with fellow gamers online from dusk to dawn all over the world was very exciting, but trying to keep pc’s up to date and play the latest titles was a nightmare. I decided to acquire a new Xbox 360 and started burning hours on Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty. A few years later I decided to make a change and moved to PS4 as my console of choice with the first re-purchase of Battlefield 4.Trying to find my feet in the PlayStation community, I realised that gaming communities were mixed having Xbox, PC and PS players on one platform for a specific title did not gel, so I set out to create a dedicated Battlefield page for South Africans on PS4.

We grew in leaps and bounds to be the largest competitive battlefield community in Africa. This achievement is solely possible by the contribution of passionate “Die Hard” gamers. Our main objective is to grow the battlefield community and produce a pleasant competitive experience for everyone to enjoy and to promote South African gaming to the world.

My responsibilities include overseeing all operations and being a natural marketer I find no strain in marketing all aspects for BattleBros and Battlefield Clan Wars. I enjoy making gaming videos with fellow gaming buddies, and don’t take life too seriously want ons gan nou braai!

Bravo 3

Wouter du Toit AKA SlashDutoit is an avid gamer in his spare time. He started playing games on PC in the mid ‘90 with an active involvement in LAN based games and also joined the console ranks when Sony brought out their 1st PS2 console.

He only started playing online much later on PS3 console and never looked back to PC. Slash says “I game for the fun of the game and like the interaction with mates. There is a special bond with online mates even if you have never met them in person.”

He joined the BattleBros clan and through this interaction met Jaco and Scally and was drawn to BattleBros and their operation. He became actively involved on their social media platforms as an Administrator. His core always steered him towards the promotion of games rather than the active competitive play in competitions and he approached BattleBros to become a member and partner and the rest is now history.

At BattleBros his focus is, growing the Battlefield Clan Wars tournament with his fellow Bros and promoting a social and competitive gaming outlet to the Battlefield PS4 Sub Saharan African community. Slash says “It is not an easy task, but we all love the game and that passion drives us to continue to build, learn and improve our efforts on the task at hand.”

Both ScallyRebel & Wouter du Toit retired from BattleBros in 2019.

We salute these two soldiers who dedicated themselves in helping to build something that the South African community did not have.

To the original first Battlebro, ScallyRebel …. a pioneer, a friend and leader…. to Wouter…. vision, dedication and hard work….. You will both be missed. Enjoy retirement until we meet again.

See you on the Battlefield…..

Bravo 2

(X) T5 League Master & Moderator

Stewart Chalmers

I was requested to represent BattleBros as an Ambassador after annoying Jaco Sauer and ScallyRebel from the BattleBros team with suggestions and offering them my assistance any way the needed.

Previously competed in Call of Duty under the Ripletz banner and joined as captain the Royal eSports battlefield by the founder and co-owner Royal_NoLimitzZ (Kyle Croyle) in November 2018.
We went on a mission to recruit players with great potential and even pulled an EX competitive PC gamer to compete under Royal eSports on PlayStation 4.
We strive to compete at the highest level against South Africa’s tops teams.

We entered the BattleBros league in Season 1 2 Hours before the cut off time with only 9 Players in total. We took Division 4 by storm by winning the Division 4 with only one loss. We have since grown in number and have made a name in the Battlefield community.

Stewart: Due to personal commitments retired from Clan Wars in 2019